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Landlords have a legal obligation to make sure that their rental property meets certain minimum standards and are aware of their safety responsibilities. At Synergy Property Management Ltd we ensure all our rental properties meet the standards as set out in legislation. We are well acquainted with this legislation which applies to rental properties and we will make sure your property meets these minimum standards. The Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2017 provides full details of the legislation. This legislation was further updated in May 2019 with additional requirements as follows: Standard for Rented Houses 2019 Update

Standards must be met in particular in terms of

  • Fire safety and detection

  • Carbon monoxide safety and detection

  • Electrical and Gas Safety

  • Window Restrictors

Landlords must supply appropriate information on

  • The property

  • Building services

  • Appliances and their maintenance requirements

Contact us for more information on the standards required and to carry out a review of your property.

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Housing Regulation Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with guidelines which have been provided as part of the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2017.

Safety Products

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarms must be installed in rental properties as required. These detectors generally have a 10-year life span with expiry dates printed thereon. Whether mains wired or battery powered detectors, we recommend installation of sealed units with 10 year life lithium batteries in order to ensure that the detector works as intended through its life span and also to prevent tampering with the units through removal of batteries for example. A fire blanket must be securely fitted in each rental property.

Suitable safety restrictors must be fitted to windows more than 1,400MM above external ground level. Restrictors must be of a specific design and standard i.e. keyless. A standard 3-bedroom semi-detached house normally requires between 4 & 6 restrictors to be fitted.

Contact us to arrange an inspection of your rental property and to assess compliance with minimum standards for rented residential accommodation.

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Rental Property Compliance

Synergy Property Management can advise you on the legislation which applies to rental properties and we will make sure your property is compliant with standards required.